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ABA Marketing Conference (and other things that are hindering my blogging)

September 27, 2011

Here are some of the things that I’ve been doing while I should have been blogging:

  • Speaking at last week’s ABA Bank Marketing Conference.  I was invited to represent the “Free Checking” side of our industry’s debate over product profitability in the new regulatory environment.  Mary Beth Sullivan of Capital Performance Group ( provided the fee side of the debate.  We had a great session (based on what I heard from the attendees) and this is obviously a popular and polarizing topic.  My slides can be found below, but a bunch of other resources on this topic (including a 60-page in-depth look at checking product changes, marketing, and sales processes at 20 of the top banks in American) can be found at  It was a fantastic conference and I was very impressed by the ABA’s programming (more on that in a future post).
  • Traveling out East to visit with new and prospective clients.  According to my fortune cookie, this bodes well:
  • Preparing for next month’s BAI Retail presentation with Jennifer Grazel (Head of Category Development – Financial Services, Healthcare and Travel at LinkedIn –  It should be a great one on how Bankers can Use LinkedIn to Generate Sales.  If you will be in Chicago, let me know so we can connect in person!
  • I’ll mention one other thing that’s been a barrier to blogging and that’s my last blog post! I did a part 1 of 2 on how Capital One might kill my relationship with ING. Now I’m committed to doing a part 2 but Capital One hasn’t done anything yet to my ING account except for adding the ability to write checks, which is a good thing!  I have a lot of research on this post #2, but unfortunately Capital One hasn’t done anything yet.
I promise to start blogging here more regularly.  It’s amazing how work gets in the way of my social media efforts!

Mark’s Slides from the ABA Marketing Conference

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