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About the Site

This site is designed to stimulate conversations about a variety of topics within financial services…especially the future of finance, money, & FinTech (Financial Technology).

But you’ll come to find that the site will bring in a wide variety of articles and opinions from all aspects of the financial services industry.

Essentially, if it involves finance or money in any way, it’s fair game.

About Me

Mark Zmarzly is an innovative entrepreneur who wants to change banking forever for everyone’s benefit.

Mark’s decade of service within the financial services industry including working with brands like Capital One and BB&T have given him the chance to work in marketing, copywriting, account management, creative direction, consulting, teaching, behavioral economics, and sales. He is also an innovative thinker and engaging keynote speaker.

Online, Mark is an active researcher and commentator on issues facing the financial industry. Find his insights at or on Twitter @MarkZmarzly. He has also spoke at many industry conferences, including the ABA Marketing Conference, BAI Retail Delivery, JD Power & Associates, and the Stonier Graduate School of Banking.

He is a graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a B.A. in organization communication studies and a M.A. in creative writing (notice his flair for writing in third person!). He is also an honors graduate from the ABA School of Bank Marketing and Management.

Finally, Mark feels it’s important to note that he has a winning personality, a beautiful wife, three loving kids, very nice hair, and is modest as hell.  He is also an open networker so connect with him at

About My Company

Hip Pocket is a software company that creates apps to help people make better financial decisions from their phones in just two minutes.

The company’s software applications include:

1. Hip Pocket: a peer comparison tool for your mortgage, retirement or auto loan. We license this technology directly to banks and credit unions for use on their websites.

2. Hip Rate: an automatic mortgage rate monitoring service that tells you when and if you should refinance to save money. This will be available directly to consumers in 2016 in partnership with one of our national lending partners. We also license this technology directly to banks, credit unions, and real estate agents.

3. Hip Money: an easy-to-use app that helps anyone save more money with a simple swipe. Several pilots will be launching soon with national banks and credit unions.

Learn more at,, or by emailing me at mark@hippocket(dot)net. If you want to talk specifics or have a free demo, book a time to talk with me here:

Activities and Awards:

  • ABA Bank Marketing Conference Advisory Board Member – 2012 – 2014
  • BAI Retail Delivery Conference Presenter – 2011
  • ABA Bank Marketing Conference Presenter – 2011
  • Leadership Resources’ Business Development Award – 2011
  • Ignite Lincoln Speaker – 2011
  • ABA Bank Marketing Network Member – 2009 – Present
  • ABA SBMM graduate with honors – 2010
  • Eastridge Neighborhood Association Board Member – 2009-2011
  • Nebraska Toastmasters Tall Tale Award – 2009
  • Toastmasters Competent Communicator – 2009
  • Copy or Concept Work for Hermes award, MarCom award, award, and awards from the International Academy of the Visual Arts – 2007-2009
  • UNL Mari Sandoz Short Story Prize – 2005

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