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LinkedIn for Sales Training

I have been teaching bankers about how to use LinkedIn since 2010 and have helped more than 3,000 bankers better understand the platform, social selling in general, how to create compelling and engaging profiles, and how to successfully prospect on LinkedIn.

Past LinkedIn speaking engagements started back in 2011 at BAI Retail Delivery and have since included the ABA Bank Marketing & Retail Conference, ABA Marketing School, New York Bankers Association, Nebraska Bankers Association, Illinois Bankers Association, and Wisconsin Bankers Association. I have also provided onsite training for individual banks, including NB&T, Union Bank & Trust, Arbor Bank, and Monarch Bank, as well as their business customers, local realtors, executive teams, and mortgage officers. I have also done special sessions for the executive team.

I also launched an online LinkedIn Training platform with the great commercial bank trainers at Clarity Advantage (screenshot below).

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 2.56.29 PM

Each year I take on a limited number of clients for in-person and/or virtual training. I also offer keynotes on this topic and hands-on workshops for sales rallies and group trainings.

Here’s more from clients and session attendees:

“Mark and I have worked together on the ABA Marketing Advisory board for the past 3 years. So, when our bank wanted to integrate LinkedIn into our sales process for research and business development, he was the first person I contacted. Mark provided training to our cash management, trust and lending teams as well as business owners within the communities we serve. As expected, Mark provided insightful information in a fun and interactive environment and our bank received a great deal of internal and external accolades regarding his presentations!” — Anne Matalonis, Bank Executive

“I have a success story – I have been focusing on increasing my connections and one of my new connections sent us a $2 million deal.  It pays to be top of mind!”

“This was one of the best sessions. Mark was good.”

“Great examples! Session filled with very useful info!!”

“Loved him. Excellent content and delivery.”

“Good info on writing the LinkedIn summary, especially the examples.”

“Great instructor.”

“It was a great keynote that left me wanting to attend the additional LinkedIn session.”

“Loved it.”

“Amazing presentation! Thank you for continuing to make social an important component of the conference.”

“Excellent and very relative to the overall theme of the conference.”

“Topic was relevant and speaker was very engaging.”

“Tremendous job presenting. Entertaining, informative, engaging.”


Email me at to inquire about training for your organization!


LInkedIn Sales Training for Banks - American Bankers Association

Sample slides from LinkedIn Sales Training Session for the American Bankers Association

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